Pumps for Fresh and Salt Water

In aquaculture, pumps are usually used that can lift a large volume of water at a low delivery head. Propeller pumps are predestined for this.
Depending on the requirements, we use pumps from Flygt, Speck and Lykkegaard.

Propeller Pumps for Fresh Water > 100 l/s

Flygt's tubular sump pumps are suitable for high flow rates. They offer excellent energy efficiency, have a wide control range and are easy to handle during installation and replacement.

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Pumps for Fresh and Salt Water < 100 l/s

The company Speck Pumpen offers three models that we use with top results:

Depending on the flow rate, BADU© Variostar, BADU© Novastar or BADU© Powerstar are used. (Photos from left to right)

BADU© Variostar and Novastar have an integrated controller for infinitely variable control. BADU© Powerstar can be equipped with a frequency informer.

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Pumps for Salt Water 100 l/s

The Lykkegaard propeller pumps can be used in salt water with 0.5 - 40‰ salinity and water temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius.

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