Hydrotech drumfilter

For inlet and outlet filtration and the use in RAS

Drumfilter HDF 1606 in a raceway

Drumfilters are well proven when it comes to solid removal in aquaculture.

We use the No. 1 drumfilter: Hydrotech

With Hydrotech drumfilters nutrient loads can be reduced significantly.

  • up to 80% of BOD
  • up to 84% of total P
  • up to 91% of TSS


Drumfilters are used in a wide field of applications:

  • Faeces removal in the effluent water of fish farms
  • Mechanical filtration in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Microscreening enhances biological nitrification and increases the effectivity of UV and ozone disinfection.
  • The use of 40µ drumfilters in RAS reduces the pressure from Ichthyophthirius multifilis (White spot)
  • Sediment removal from the inlet water. Reduces solids sedimentation in the farm and gill problems
  • Reduction of Saprolegnia infection with the combination of drumfilter and ozone in hatchery
  • Algae removal in intake water from lakes
  • Increase of dry matter content in sludge storage tanks
  • Prevention of intruding of unwanted species into the farm

Drumfilter models

Drumfilter HDF 501 with tank

Hydrotech drumfilters are available in many varieties: open filters with open inlet, with pipe connection, filters with tank, for all applications in fresh and sea water

This link sums up the different models.

Depending on the filter size and the mesh on the filter the flow varies from 5 up tp 1.000 l/s. Click on the link below to get an overview on the flow rates in the different models.

Drumfilter models and performance



A video with the function of drumfilters can be downloaded here:

Drumfilter function


Drumfilter HDF 2007 for the installation into a channel

Advantages of Hydrotech drumfilters:

  • Special structure of the filter panels: Even bigger particles are taken out of the water immediately: no grinding and leaching
  • Up to even 20% more flow with the new generation of panels
  • Different models allow perfect match to your farm
  • Quality of material and manufacturing guarantees highest life time and performance
  • Long time between backwash intervals due to high head loss in the filter
  • Filterpanels from plastic or stainless steel
  • Optimal choice of filter in cooperation with our and Hydrotech's engineers
  • Global consulting and support
  • Consistent availability of spare parts
  • Service and maintenance from WATER - proved

Spare parts and maintenance

Drumfilter HDF 801 1G

All essential spare parts are always available from our stock.
Consistent supply for old spare parts.

If you want, we do the repair and maintenance work for you.

If you are asking for spare parts, please name the serial number of your filter.

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