Drumfilters are well proven when it comes to solid removal in aquaculture.

With Hydrotech drumfilters nutrient loads can be reduced significantly.

  • up to 80% of BOD
  • up to 84% of total P
  • up to 91% of TSS

We offer two methods for sludge concentration.

Applications for Drumfilters

  • Faeces removal in the effluent water of fish farms
  • Mechanical filtration in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Microscreening enhances biological nitrification and increases the effectivity of UV and ozone disinfection.
  • The use of 40µ drumfilters in RAS reduces the pressure from Ichthyophthirius multifilis (White spot)
  • Sediment removal from the inlet water. Reduces solids sedimentation in the farm and gill problems
  • Reduction of Saprolegnia infection with the combination of drumfilter and ozone in hatchery
  • Algae removal in intake water from lakes
  • Increase of dry matter content in sludge storage tanks
  • Prevention of intruding of unwanted species into the farm