At WATER - proved we have a lot of experience in modernizing flow through systems so that existing systems can produce more and more efficiently with the same (or even worsening) conditions. Several of our employees come from flow through systems themselves and have experience in the management of fish farms for the production of trout, char and sturgeon. 
Often flow through systems have grown "organically" and are in their second or third generation of operation. As long as water was available in sufficient quantity and quality, production in these systems was also trouble-free. Now, simple measures could significantly increase the efficiency of the systems and thus ensure their continued existence profitably for the next generation.

WATER - proved offers modernization of flow through systems

Flow through systems are still the predominant form of production for salmonids (especially rainbow and brown trout as well as char) and sturgeon in Central Europe. Due to the availability of water from springs, streams and lakes, these fish can be produced with little technical effort. Since usually no additional water rights are granted for this type of system anymore, there are hardly any possibilities to expand the production in flow through systems by building new systems. Increasingly stringent environmental regulations as well as the shortage of usable intake water due to climate change pose major challenges for existing systems. Increasing the production volume or maintaining the production volume in the face of dwindling water volumes is often only possible through more efficient water use in flow through systems. 

In most countries, salmonid farming is still a lucrative business model. Make the most of your existing water rights

Our services and products for flow through systems

We offer you:

- Modernization of existing systems

- Optimization of flow routing to improve oxygen utilization and solids removal or avoid solids deposition

- Optimization of the oxygen input

- Recirculation in different intensity levels: Mechanical filters, degassing, biofilters

- Disinfection

- Effluent treatment by nitrification, denitrification and sludge thickening, if necessary partial use of existing natural ponds as constructed wetlands

EU funding

The just launched EMFAF funding (European Marine, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund) of the EU allows high governmental subsidies and investment grants (partly up to 60%). Depending on the member state and region, funding is available in particular for investments in improving energy efficiency, securing and increasing production volumes (e.g. oxygen input and monitoring), and reducing environmental impacts (e.g. through water treatment processes). A large part of the investment required for the modernization of your system is accordingly eligible for subsidies.
We will be happy to advise you on details and the exact funding procedure.

Photovoltaics and roofing

High energy prices and rising inlet water temperatures pose great challenges, especially for farms fed by rivers, but also for spring water fish farms with low water exchange rates. Many of these systems are built as compact raceway systems and are thus predestined for roofing and their additional equipment with a photovoltaic system. In addition to further heating the inlet water within the system, shading also prevents strong growth of algae and aquatic plants. Furthermore, it provides protection from direct sunlight for sensitive fish species such as char or brown trout. In addition, the roof construction allows for above-ground routing and routing of electrical and oxygen lines as well as the infrastructure of automatic feeding systems. Countless underground cable ducts are thus a thing of the past.
Last but not least, the roofing makes the workplace even more attractive for you and your employees, as working in rain, snow or strong sun is suddenly much more pleasant.

The photovoltaic modules installed on the roofing generate sustainable electrical energy, giving you more flexibility in the use of technology for water treatment and more efficient water use.

We offer you the whole package from the roofing of the system, the installation of the PV modules to the installation of overvoltage networks on the sides of the roofing. In addition, in coordination, we will gladly take over the construction of a so-called otter fence (bar fence to prevent otters, beavers, foxes from entering the system) for you.

Sturgeon and caviar

Not only have we already built or modernized flow-through and Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for sturgeon in France, Armenia and Switzerland, but we also have many years of experience in the management of various fish farms (recirculating, pond, net pen and tank systems) for the production of sturgeon and caviar.
Accordingly, we know very well the special needs of these very special fish species as well as the challenges of their rearing, production and processing.
We are happy to assist you in the design and construction of new fish farms for sturgeon or the modernization of existing systems.