Fish Feeding Systems

We are pleased to introduce a new and very exciting product.

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The sophisticated "FishFarmFeeder" Systems

FFF feeding systems are suitable for all life stages of fish and shrimp.

All systems are centralised and fully automatic.



Feeding Systems for Laboratories and Small Hatcheries

Feeding systems for larvae with dry Feed and/or live feed for laboratories, universities, research centers and small Hatcheries with production of up to 20MM of larvae.

Systems for Medium and Large Hatcheries

Centralized feeding system for larvae with micro-diets oriented to hatcheries with production of more than 20 mm of larvae.

We have 2 modalities: dry feed and live feed.




Feeding Systems for Pre Grow

Centralized feeding systems for pre-growing in land-based fish farms and/or RAS customizable for any type of fish or intensive shrimp farm.

Feeding Systems for Rearing

Centralised feeding systems for rearing in land-based fish farms and/or RAS, adaptable for any type of fish.

  • The advantages at a glance:
  • High dosing accuracy
  • Up to 2500 daily doses
  • Dosing from 500gr
  • Possibility to mix feeds in the same dose
  • 24-hour feeding
  • Customised production
  • Increase survival rate