Biological Filtration

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In aquaculture biological filters are used for nitrification and denitrification. We offer filters for nitrification as fixed and moving bed filters. Those filters can be used inside the loop of the recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) or in the effluent of a RAS or a flow through system.

Bacteria in biological filters need to settle on a surface. To provide as much surface per volume unit in a biological filter special bio elements are used. We use bio elements with a surface of 750 m2/m3. Due to their special shape their self cleaning is very efficient.

Filters for Nitrification

We offer filters for nitrification as fixed bed filters and moving bed filters. They can be used both in RAS and in the treatment of Flow Through Systems.

Moving Bed Filters

Our moving bed filters the bio elements are constantly moved with air. This results in a very good self cleaning and optimal oxygen distribution in the filter.

Due to the special design of our round moving bed filters, the air is cleaned in an extremely efficient and energy-saving way. Even with large and deep fillers, the problem of nitrogen supersaturation no longer plays a role.

We deliver round filters completely equipped as plug and play units. When filters are build as rectangular units the customer takes care of the construction works according to our design. We deliver and install diffusors, grids and blowers afterwards.

Our moving bed filters can of course be used to modernize existing facilities. They are a powerful tool for farm suffering from water shortage or strict regulations. With a biofilter water intake can be reduced with a stable or increased production.

Advantages of our moving bed filters:

  • Optimal flow
  • Energy efficient due to carefully chosen blowers and aerators
  • Short start up times
  • High degradation rates
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Fixed Bed Filters

Fixed bed filters are used like moving bed filters for nitrification. Besides the biological degradation fixed bed filterswork as a mechanical filter. Due to the structure of the fixed bed fine particles are kept inside the filter. Fixed bed filters need to be backwashed regularly.

Small fixed bed filters are build as round plug and play filters. Bigger filters are build in concrete by the customer according to our design. We deliver and install grids, diffusors and piping afterwards.

Filters for Denitrification

Denitrification systems degrade the nitrate in the water to atmospheric nitrogen. This job is carried out by micro-organisms. In contrast to nitrification processes denitrification is anaerobic, so it requires a nearly oxygen free atmosphere. The heterotrophic bacteria also need an additional carbon source.

Denitrification reactors produce a lot of bacterial biomass. Conventional denitrification systems needs to be backwashed regularly and with high effort, resulting in additional work for the personal and disturbances in the reactor.

Denitrification systems from WATER - proved do not require manual backwashing. The bio carriers are mixed in short intervals creating extremely stable and regular conditions inside the reactor.

Our denitrification systems are delivered in HPDE tanks and are plug and play units.

Your advantages of denitrification:

  • High and stable degradation rate
  • Automatic mixing and backwash
  • Plug and play reactors
  • Special constructions possible

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