ULTRAAQUA UV disinfection systems

MR6-220 PP C open channel system

UV disinfection systems are mostly used in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). They provide important advantages:

  • Higher stocking densities and growth rates
  • Reduced mortality
  • Stable production preconditions

Depending on the installation situation various models can be used. All models are very robust and easy to maintain. All important parts can be reached simply and without using tools.

The ULTRAAQUA UV lamps have a long lifetime of 16.000 h. With four different sizes of lamps the systems fit every application.

Inline and open channel systems are available. Especially the open channel system make disinfection of large water flows with little head loss possible.
All systems can be delivered as stainless steel or PP version.

Open channel systems

Special tilted open channel system

Open channel systems are perfectly suited for large water flows.

We offer the following versions:


Inline systems made from stainless steel or PP

Stainless steel inline system

Inline systems can be integrated into a pipe system. They are very flexible in size and do not need a minimum water level.

Stainless Steel Inline Systems

Stainless steel inline systems are available in different configuration and sizes.

Flow range:

PP inline systems

PP-Inline Systems

PP inline systems are available in different configuration and sizes.

Flow range:

 (All flows are given at a UVT 95% and a dose of 40 mJ/cm2)

Control cabinets

Stainless steel control cabinet

All systems are delivered with a stainless steel or GRP control cabinet. The touch display provides important information concerning lamp status and lamp lifetime.

Systems with the standard cabinet can be dimmed and have different interfaces for input and output signals.

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ULTRAAQUA UV disinfection systems



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