Standard RAS water treatment container

The RAS container is a complete water purification system for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

RAS Container

Adapted to a large range of fish species and farms
High tanks choice flexibility
Low work on site & quick installation
Increase your production fast and to an attractive price by using RAS technology.


- Daily feeding: 176 kg (34% RP at 28°C)
- Waterflow: 190 m3/h
- Exchange water: Up to 2,5 m3/h
- Connected power: 11,57 kW
- Energy consumption: 10,47 kW
- Connections: 315 mm inlet and outlet + 110 mm backwash pump and water exchange
- Dimension LxWxH: 2,5 m x 12,5 m x 3,2 m

The standard RAS container includes:

1 drum filter and backwash pump
1 pump for the waterflow towards the biofilters
3 Biofilters filled with Biomedia
1 blower for the aeration of the biofilters
1 recirculation pump towards the fish tank
1 extractor fan
The internal pipes setup
1 Electrical cabinet + the electrical installation
Biofilter Start-up products

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