Surface oxygenators in a trout farm
  • Sufficient oxygenation is one of the prerequisites for optimal performance of your stock
  • Growth, feed conversion and security of your production are directly related to oxygenation
  • Depending on the type of the farm different oxygenation systems are the optimal solution
  • We calculate and offer you the optimal solution for your farm
  • Oxygenation systems from WATER - proved can of course be integrated into existing structures
  • Additionally to the oxygenation system itself we offer according pumps, monitoring and oxygen dosing systems


LHO (low head oxygenator, aka jetsystem)

Cross section of an LHO at the side of a tank

In a LHO water flow through a jet system into a reaction chamber. The system works with a low pressure of 50 to 100 mbar. It is widely used for individual tank oxygenation or global oxygenation in the farm. Pressure of the incoming water or the circulations pumps is used to create the pressure in the LHO.

Our LHOs are individually designed. They can be installed at the side of a tank or directly in a raceway.

Water flow per unit: 4 l/s .... 500 l/s

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Oxygen cone

Oxygen cone for 30 m3/h

Oxygen cones can be used as centralized or individual oxygenation systems. They are operated under pressure of 1 ... 2 bar. Oxygen and water are mixed inside the cone to create high supersaturation of oxygen in the water.

Flow per unit: 15 m3/h .... 140 m3/h

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U-tube systems use the natural pressure of a water column for oxygenation. They are installed into the ground, up to 20 m deep.

U-tube systems are designed individually.

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Oxygen dosing and emergency oxygen supply

Oxygen dosing unit for LHO and emergency oxygen

Besides oxygenation itself we of course also provide dosing equipment including flow meters, valves, solenoid valves, flow controllers, etc. All equipment is custom mounted on racks to provide a plug and play solution for the customer.
We also offer emergency oxygen systems including diffusor hose, valves, etc.

More information and prices about dosing equipment